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Friday, November 19, 8:00 pm

Carlyn Lindsey & SnakeDoctor!

w/ Mike Milligan
and Steam Shovel!

- Bloomington, Indiana -

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Carlyn Lindsey & SnakeDoctor


Last Month - It Was Awesome!!


Carlyn Lindsey & SnakeDoctor Reminisssssce about:

Carlyn Lindsey and Piney Woods

BEAR'S PLACE, Blmngtn., Friday, May 20, 2005


Carlyn Lindsey & SnakeDoctor shared this Blues Happy Hour gig with Piney Woods Big Blues Party - and the dance floor purt near collapsed!

Notorious Nat joined scads of blues regulars, along with a large table of wild-and-crazily appreciative foreign exchange students. The joint was packed and smokin.' Don and Regina made sure that Bedford, Indiana, was ably represented as they yelled out their appreciation - or something - it was hard to hear in there!

Thanks to Piney and to Rex Miller for the use of their equipment, making for a slick transition between acts. The crowd and the management also felt the good vibes. Both bands were plum tickled to leave their swampland shacks in order to share this party with the wild Bear's crowd. They agreed it was a great night to play.



BEAR'S PLACE, Bloomington, IN, Friday - March 11, 2005, Blues Night LottaBLUESah!

(POSTED by Tim, March 16)  - The joint was already jumpin' when Carlyn Lindsey & SnakeDoctor took the stage at 9:45 last Friday night at Bear's Place.  Code Blue had heated the crowd by degrees all during the Blues Happy Hour. Blues people seemed fullblown ready to dance all night long.

I'm pleased to report to you that Carlyn Lindsey & SnakeDoctor kept the bluesfires burnin'.  SnakeDoctors, Dangerous Dave Withered, Twistin' Tadas Paegle, Slitherin' Scot Halpin, Leapin' Larry Vesely, and Asp-kickin' Tim Haas came out primed, loaded, and firing bullets of blues.  Then the mojo nearly got outta hand when Snarlin' Carlyn Lindsey grabbed the microphone and proceeded to peel paint off the walls with her soul-shattering singing.

The crowd responded by screaming and running back onto the dance floor.  "It was the only sensible thing to do." explained Notorious Nat Mckamey in the split second before she resumed tripping the blueslights fantastic with two of her mystical and mysterious friends identified only as Debonair Debra and Jet-Fueled Julia.

Special thanks to our Designated Hisser, Dan Withered, on trombone. Thanks again to Code Blue for their cooperation and consideration in making a smooth transition between acts.  Carlyn Lindsey & SnakeDoctor, Bear's management, and most of all, the Blues Happy Hour fans all felt the love.

And to everyone who grooved on the blues of the LottaBLUESah - What a great night to play!


BEAR'S PLACE, Bloomington, IN, Friday - OCTOBER 15, 2004, Blues Night 

(POSTED by Tim, September 17)  - Wow! What a beautiful night to play.  The place was packed with friends, family members from as far away as Milwaukee, fellow musicians, and the regular crowd of blues buffs.  We played to an attentive and rousingly appreciative crowd that, in the main, stayed with us all evening.

Everyone in the band had a great night, but the shining star of the show had to be our favorite mojo monster-mama, Carlyn Lindsey.  In the grandest tradition of "the show must go on," suffering from a dismal cold that had her barely able to speak that morning, she managed to sing GREAT all evening through two long sets, and part-way into the third when her voice finally gave way.  No one in the audience knew of her struggle, and those of us on stage and in the audience who have heard her sing before agree that she was dynamite!

After Carlyn had to step down near the end of the evening, our other new shining star, guitar player, Tadas Paegle, and the rest of the musicians of SnakeDoctor, including guest snake, Dan Withered, brought us home with a few choice instrumentals.  

All the top area musicians who were in attendance raved about our band, and Dave Withered, Larry Vesely, Scot Halpin, Tadas Paegle, and yours truly all were singled out for having had a great night on stage.  The management obviously felt the love, because they invited us right back to play in November (26). 


BEAN BLOSSOM BLUES FEST, Bill Monroe Music Pk., Bean Blossom, IN, Saturday - SEPTEMBER 11, 2004, Hippie Hill Stage

POSTED by Tim, September 17 - A beautiful day to play. It was a little scary when I first arrived a few hours before we were to go on and saw no sound system (PA) set up. All the bands playing Hippie Hill on Saturday had been told that a PA would be provided but it turned out that on Friday, the system had shorted out and they had taken it down.

Luckily the band who was to play before us, Small Blue World, and I both had brought some extra equipment along and we managed to piece together a PA setup that sounded pretty darn good. Thanks to Tim from Small Blue World for leaving his stuff up for us to play through. You all saved the day for us and for the stage manager and promoter.

After we got under way, we sounded great. There was a sparse crowd of less than 50 people when we started, but it grew steadily throughout the performance as passers-by realized that Hippie Hill was back in business and that Carlyn Lindsey & SnakeDoctor and special guest performers were kicking serious beast-of-burden!

In light of it being a blues festival, we concentrated on the more traditional blues songs that we do, both the originals and covers. Thanks to Dan Withered and to Tadas Peagle for sitting in with SnakeDoctor band. Tadas played wonderful guitar, alternately blistering and sensitive, but always tasteful. Dan was rock-steady and on top of it on the bass.

Snake Dr.'s Alex Puga sat in on harp for three songs and garnered praise from fans of the blues both near and far. Dave from the band, Bluz Dawg, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, e-mailed us to tell us how much he enjoyed Alex's playing.

Later, Zain Mackey-McGee and Lee Van Buskirk of O2R Blues Band joined in on vocals and guitar, respectively. Zain sang with her usual flair and led a great rendition of "It Hurts Me Too," with Carlyn backing her up. Near the end of the song, Lee and Tadas began 'trading fours' on guitar, piling on one great solo after another. The spine-tingling tradeoffs from these two great musicians were the best moments of the show for me.

But the highlight of the entire performance for everyone was the soaring and passionate singing of Carlyn Lindsey along with the playing of our other lead player, Dave Withered on tenor sax. When they traded licks at the end of "I Put A Spell On You," I actually heard screams coming from what had become a decent-sized, attentive, and very appreciative audience. We're hoping this was the first of many performances at the Bean Blossom Blues Festival.


4th Street Festival of the Arts, 4th & Grant - Bloomington, Indiana, Saturday - SEPTEMBER 4, 2004 3:30-4:30pm

POSTED by Tim, September 6th - It was a great day to play! There was a robust crowd of attentive, toe-tapping art lovers. Our favorite people! Among the crowd we saw many friends and talented musicians, including Bonnie, Marty, Judy, Dan, Eric, Michele, Dakota, Dave, Rex, Brian, Jim, Alex, Jeremy, Kari, Whit, Heather, Jerry, Robyn, James, Debbie, Ken, Lee, and many others. (Excuse me if I missed mentioning anyone, but I am with headcold and even goofier than usual).

A highlight for us was when Zain Mackey-McGee and Cathi Norton joined in with spontaneously switched-on vocal backups on "I'll Go Crazy." Hmmm, anything to that choice of songs, you wild and craaaazy women? Lots of fun!

Thanks to everyone for their support and kind comments on our performance. Thanks, especially, to Ken Grooms and Lee Van Buskirk of O2R Blues Band, for setting up their equipment and doing the sound for us and for everyone performing at the Arts Fest. You're the best!